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Full Version: Kodi offline with meta help
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Hello, I'm trying to setup a Kodi network but having a few issues. I have 4 PC's all running Windows 7. We only have a Verizon hotspot for internet, but I set up a windows SMB on an old router kicking around.. just a basic LAN no internet. I can get all the PCs to find the SMB, but when I switch over to the hotspot to try the imdb scrapper, it doesn't recognize/see the files and gives me an error. I assumed once the library was imported I could switch to internet to DL all the meta, then back to my LAN to continue serving.. any tips or guides for this? Super appreciate any help!
How are you "switching over"? If it's connecting the PCs to the hotspot then they're all going to have different IP addresses to when they're on the router, hence all the locations will change and the database will be worthless (as it records the full address where the files are stored, which will have changed).

What you'll need to do is have the router access the internet via the hotspot, which may or may not be possible (bridging mode basically).

This isn't really anything to do with Kodi though - it's network support help. I'm going to move this to off-topic due to that, but it can continue to be read and replied to there as it's a valid question.