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Full Version: TV shows not being added to my library
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I have a fresh install of Kodi 18 RC2, and trying to re-create my library. My video files are on my PC, and the folders are shared via SMB.
I can add the sources for my TV Shows, and the scan does pick up some of them. However, a large chunk doesn't get picked up.
I've uploaded the logs here ajihukejun (paste)

I see that the shows in question do display a warning
No information found for item 'smb://', it won't be added to the library.

How can I fix this?

Welp, crud. As soon as I posted this, I managed to figure out the issue. The TVDB scraper wasn't installed. As soon as I installed it, it started scraping all the content.
Thread marked solved.
You must be using NFO Files which still contain the outdated v1.0 API.

If you continue to use your NFO Files, then it is not a problem until you try to add new episodes to an existing show in your library using the scraper.

See here... 323588 (thread)