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Full Version: Apple TV 1g changes video output when KODI is loaded
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Hopefully someone can help me out on this. My Apple TV 1g worked fine with KODI, but suddenly it "crashed". I can not use the menu after 2 seconds, both my monitor and tv are giving messages that the video output is out of range. My monitor says the following:

Input signal out of range!
h = 33.8kHz, V = 30Hz.
Change mode to 1920 x 1080 60Hz.

This is weird because when booting KODI it works perfectly fine os 1920x1080, and I can even use the menu for a few seconds before it shuts down. It keeps resetting itself it with the same message. I can not use the menu interface longer than a few seconds, so going through settings is not an option. Any thoughts on this?