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Full Version: Frequent loading on sony tv x900f, when the video size exceeds 50G
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Frequent loading on sony tv x900f, when the video size exceeds 50G
Kodi version 18 rc1&rc2 32bit
system info:
CPU: ARMv7 Processor rev2 (v71)
GPU: Mail-T860
Total memory: 1583MB
Free memory: 482MB
What settings are there to solveļ¼Ÿ
This problem only exists when using WIFI, but I have tested WIFI speeds over 150Mbps. If you use USB, it will play perfectly.
Wifi 'speeds' are one thing, handling video streams is another.
And apparently you currently have a crappy wifi situation if using USB gives no problems.

Option 1: always go for ethernet cable if you have the chance. Every wifi location is different and yours is likely stressed beyond its limits when you refer to 50+GB file sizes,
Option 2: if USB works for you, stick to it.
Option 3: Increase network caching buffers via the advancedsettings.xml file.
Option 4: Sony as a TV manufacturer s*cks anyway, as it appears to have put Kodi on some internal software blacklist so it cannot be installed onto its Android TVs.
Your peak Wi-Fi speed of 150 Mbps is likely not fast enough to play a 50GB rip. Your average speed will be less than half of that.
Here is my assessment of the WiFi performance on the X900F.
For Wifi-testing, please add -t 600 in the future so that one can see throughput over time.
I actually did that. But I am not sure how representative my results are anyway. I measured my home with a spectrum analyzer and made sure that nothing interfered with the 80MHz channel I was using. Plus there are no other WiFi clients communicating on this channel. So it is exclusive to the TV. That's not a typical home setup...

As I wrote in the article, WiFi is actually pretty bad on those TVs. I just moved the access point around a corner and throughput dropped to under 30mbps.