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Full Version: Image reading speeds: Linux versus Windows
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I've noticed that there's a slight pause when switching backdrops in Linux (using Aeon). However, the same backdrops cycle with no delay whatsoever in the Windows port. Is this likely to be a difference between the operating systems or my hardware? I suspect the former as I also run Linux on my Windows box, and the pause also occurs there.
Are the images within the XPR? If so, it could be due to the translation into an SDL-ready format, but the same will occur on win32 SDL as well.
No, they're stored separately on the same hard drive as XBMC.
just out of curiosity what sort of video card do you have because there is a big differnce in drivers compared to the 2 OS's
8800GTX in the Windows/Linux box, 7300 (I think) in the HTPC.
djh_ Wrote:8800GTX in the Windows/Linux box, 7300 (I think) in the HTPC.

Using a nvidia 6600GTS, I also have noticed little pause when zooming a image, as well as pressing 0 at remote to restore full size.. screen turns black for a second (maybe bit less) and then image is displayed... do not know if it is normal or not, but I tell you only..