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Full Version: TX5 Android box disconnected from LG C8 OLED TV when I play a video in Kodi
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I connected to the LG OLED55C8PLA TV the Android box TANIX TX5 PRO (Android 7.1.2).

The problem is that every time I try to play a video (Ex. With KODI), or from the web browser (some video works some no),
The TV loses the HDMI signal, the black screen appears, and after a few seconds the word "NO SIGNAL" appears even if the box is connected.

To resume the signal, I must switch the box off and on again or unplug and re-attach the cable.

I tried the same android box on a 32-inch Samsung TV and gave no problem.
I'd try and test a different HDMI cable for starters.
I tried 2 different cables and the problem persists and I tried playing an SD video and a 70p video.
I've resolved changing settings in the Android tv box.

Changed Settings: DISPLAY -> resolution

Initially resolution was default (4K 60 Hz): to resolve the problem I changed in 4K 30 Hz.

If I buy an high speed HDMI cable I can choose 4K 60 Hz ?
HDMI 1.4 connections are limited to [email protected]
HDMI 2.0 can do [email protected]

Make sure you are connecting to the appropriate HDMI ports on AVR's and TV's.
Where can I see the hdmi cable version?