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Full Version: Radio add on not working.
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I’m getting a network_error whoenever I try and load any stations on the app.

Does the app not longer work?
Hm, strange. My Denon receiver works well with radio.de API?

btw. i see that the plugin still uses http, not https! No

20:24:21.702 T:1312809728  NOTICE: [xbmcswift2] Request for "/stations/topic/" matches rule for function "show_station_categories"
20:24:21.705 T:1312809728  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] get_categories started with category_type=topic
20:24:21.706 T:1312809728  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] __api_call started with path=menu/valuesofcategory, param={'category': '_topic'}
20:24:21.708 T:1312809728  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] __urlopen opening url=http://radio.de/info/menu/valuesofcategory?category=_topic
20:24:22.032 T:1312809728  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] __urlopen HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: 503
20:24:22.034 T:1312809728  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] String is missing: network_error
20:24:22.391 T:1425011456   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.audio.radio_de/stations/topic/
Also moved to Music Add-on forum.
It's still not working with the same "network-error", even when trying to browse the channels or get the top 100 stations. The thing is the website radio.de is opening just fine and i can search my channels and play them through the browser.

Checked the kodi repo but there are no updates for the addon yet.

Any fixes please?
Please use the add-on's support thread rather than starting or adding to other threads, so the author has a chance of seeing them.

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