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Full Version: Which controller for Mac
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Hi !
Which controller would you prefer to buy for using gaming on Kodi ?
Kodi is running on a Mac Mini with Mojave installed.

Any tips ?
I recommend you a wireless game controller (not bluetooth) with a good Dpad and with a layout similar to a Xbox pad. By wireless I mean a gamepad that has a USB dongle you connect to the computer and not Bluetooth. Wireless gamepads behave the same way as USB gamepads. Bluetooth gamepads could be difficult to configure (in Linux). Not impossible but difficult.

Some examples:

1) Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: the most compatible and wireless. However, the Dpad is horrible.

2) Logitech Gamepad F710: I have been using this for a long time to fully control Kodi and to play emulators (external, not Retroplayer). Dpad is good. However, is has a big problem and it is the wireless connectivity. Many times the signal is lost and for a couple of seconds the controller is unresponsive. This could be quite frustrating sometimes.

3) Elecom JC-U4113SBK: this controller has an excellent Dpad. However, I'm not sure if ELECOM shell outside Japan.

4) Nintendo Wii U Pro controller: excellent controller with excellent Dpad. Expensive. It uses Bluetooth and could be difficult to configure. Note that now there is an updated version, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and for some reason Ninendo have screwed up with the Dpad. The Dpad is worse that the Wii U controller but however much better that the Xbox 360 wireless. I think the Wii U Pro (older) is more expensive that the Switch Pro controller (newer) because users appreciate the Dpad of the former.

5) Xbox Wireless Controller: Microsoft has improved the Dpad a lot compared with the Xbox 360 version. However, the Dpad feels clicky and many users don't like it that way.

6) Trust GXT560 NOMAD: I tested one the other day in Bic Camera and the Dpad is the best I have seen in a long time. However, in Japan they only retail the wired version. Trust seems to have wireless version of the controller but be warned that sometimes there are differences in the Dpad feel among different versions of the controller.
Thx for the perfect overview !
I hoped to see the XBox Controller because i own a XBox One. So i will give it a try otherwise i will buy the logitech one tot test.
Thx again!
(2018-12-18, 10:38)MarkusK Wrote: [ -> ]Thx for the perfect overview !
I hoped to see the XBox Controller because i own a XBox One. So i will give it a try otherwise i will buy the logitech one tot test.
Thx again!

You are welcomed. Be aware of the connectivity problems of the Logitech F710, it could be quite a paint in the ass. For controlling Kodi is OK but when you are playing games it is a major nuisance. In any case, it is one of the cheapest so you can try and if get tired of it just put it in the bin.

If you already own a Xbox One gamepad then I would go for it. As I said, many users complain because of the clicky Dpad but if you are happy with it then no need to buy a new gamepad. For the XBox 360 I own I also bought the wireless receiver (USB dongle). I am not sure if you can buy a USB dongle for the XBox One gamepad or it uses Bluetooth (I don't own an XBox One gamepad). EDIT: OK, I saw there are different versions, earlier ones have a USB dongle and the latest one supports Bluetooth. USB dongle is the easiest way to setup the gamepad, Bluetooth a little bit more complicated (I'm talking in Linux, probably in MAC is easier to setup Bluetooth).

Note that I insist much with the Dpad because it is what you use most when using the gamepad to control Kodi (go up-down menus, etc.) and also when playing Retrogames: 99% of them will require the gamepad. It is true that you can always configure one of the analog joysticks to behave like a Dpad but I don't like it.