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Full Version: Movie Sort Order and missing item in Search Function
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A have a strange issue i can't explain to myself.
Kodi 17.3 on a Raspberry, Ember 1.4.90, all Files on a SBM share on a Synology

on Video's, displayed by Files, about 30 Movies are at the End of the Listing (behind "z", equal what Name is given, and alphabetical order is active). it is only these few once of about 1'500 movies.
When i have the movie-list bei Title These are not included.
If i try searching one of These. search-function will return empty without results. But! while searching, the autocompleet Function will show the whated result.
i.E. ("auf der Spur des Marsulpilami" a movie that is a Little Special by the Name). If i type "marsup" in the search, autocompleet suggest's "Marsupilami", what will be correct. Executing the search will return again without result.
 (how does Autocompleet knows "Marsupilami" as a suggestion, when it doesn't finds that MovieHuh)   
I have found no commom sense on These Movies. I have:
- Different movietypes (avi, mkv, vob, iso …..)
- elder ones, and new added movies
- Movies with a "shown" tag, and unwatched movies

All movies (the compleet collection of all movies) have been tagged by Ember. I can't seen anything Special within the nfo file an Ember tells me, nfo is correct.

any suggestions? i'm a Little helpless Sad

regards Andreas
Hello @lenni-online

You can see them in the Files view, but (I assume) cannot see them in the Movies menu. This normally means they have not been scraped into the library.

Could you provide the following...

1. For one of these movies, copy the NFO File to Kodi Paste Site
2. The link to the movie at the scraper site- TheMovieDB
3. A Debug Log which captures you running an Update Library. See below

  1. Enable Debugging mode. Go to Settings>System Settings>Logging and it should be the first option or press ctrl-shift-d on a keyboard
  2. Restart Kodi
  3. Replicate the problem by running an Update Library
  4. Upload the log using either the:
    a. Manual method to Kodi Paste Site. Log location is detailed here... Log_file/Advanced#Location (wiki), or
    b. Add-on method using the Kodi Logfile Uploader. (wiki) With either method post the address link in the address bar in a new post here.
Note: Full logs only. No partial or redacted logs
Hi Karellen, 
thanks for your support Smile

I did as you requested 
.nfo copied,
link to tmdm copied
debug done
FileZilla download and installed

i.m asked for user and pw. i can't remember to have set one during install.  i even don't know where to look to find out which user is logged on?
(preinstalled image on SD Card with ubuntu for Raspberry)

You will have to do that again. This time provide the links to those pages otherwise we cannot find them. Once you upload the file at Kodi Paste Site copy the full address in the address bar, and paste it into a new post here in this thread.

Where are you being asked for password- in Kodi or the paste site? What does FileZilla have to do with the problem?
Hi Karellen, 
Sorry for that, but FileZilla is asking me for a username and Password to connect remote to the Raspberry.
or is there a way to leave the Kodi GUI and log into ubuntu direktly? (i estimate in that case ii will have to have a user too?