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Full Version: Feature idea: Filesize information
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I love TMM and it will probably stay as a staple core tool.  One thing I'd love is the ability to display, sort, filter etc based on media file size. That way I could for example: delete movies > 4 gig with a rating < 3, or perhaps rename movies which meet that criteria so that I can organize into a folder, re-rip, etc.

That information could help a lot of people clean their collections, or aid in prioritization.

I understand a decision would have to be made whether to show folder total vs core media file. Also whether or not to include samples, art etc. But perhaps start with core media file as a filter choice and offer filecount and sizes in the export.
already available in v3
Donated for inventing a time machine. Clearly you read my feature request, traveled back in time to add my request before I asked for it.
Keep up the great work.