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Full Version: Unable to scroll up and down - Windows 10
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I am have issues scrolling up and down via touchscreen All-in-One computer. I am able to scroll left to right through videos, however, when I try to scroll down or interact with other videos above or below, the interface just ignores the responses.

Could this be a configuration issue? Or potentially a Windows 10 issue?

Any help or tips would be appreciated. I am new to Kodi so still learning the ins and outs.
I found that it was forcing me to use the scroll bar to move the page up and down. Is there a setting to be able to scroll up and down the page without having to use the scroll bar? 

I may just be having a strange isolated issue but any help would be great.
You may have started with the default Estuary skin. There is also the Etouchy skin, which is more designed for for touch screens.
Although Kodi was really more designed for the proverbial 10 foot screen and a TV remote or something similar.