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Full Version: Ignore Pulldown?
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Is there any way to ignore pulldown flags?  I'm ripping my old collection of HD-DVD's, and the majority have a known issue where the video is encoded as 1080/24, but they have pulldown, so Kodi by default plays the videos as 29.97.  This happens with default MKVs or playing from a folder rip and playing the EVO directly.  MediaInfo shows the framerate is supposed to 23.98, but with 2:3 pulldown.  I have successfully removed the pulldown flag by using eac3to to remux the video from the MKV to another MKV, then use MKVToolNix to recombine the audio, subtitles and chapters from the original file.  But this takes another 30-60 minutes with each movie, plus another 50 GB of space (temporarily).

I can change the framerate manually in Kodi and this works ok, but it doesn't save that preference for the movie, so even when stopping the movie and resuming it goes back to playing at 29.97.  And of course it requires remembering which movies need the framerate changed, which I'll never remember after next week!  

So, is there any built-in solution that I haven't found, or do I just have to go in and do the eac3to process on every movie?

On a related note, but somewhat separate, I'm having a similar problem with my DVD rips (right now all in full folder rips, but I'm probably going to remux to mkv).  I'm using a Shield TV, so the lowest resolution it will allow is 1920x1080, and so every DVD rip plays back at 29.97 instead of 23.98 as well.  Of course the DVD files vary wildly in how their encoded, so some are supposed to be 29.97 and some aren't, but the ones that aren't all have pulldown.  Is there any way to get better/easier playback of these types of files?