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Full Version: TV IR-Remote issue (OK/Enter button)
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Hello everybody, I'm quite new on this forum and I hope someone could help on this issue...

I'm running KODI v.17 on an Android TV-BOX (VORKE) with an LG 55" TV and everything works fine, but the TV IR-Remote has an odd issue with KODI : the Enter/OK button seems to send UP+ENTER sequence and that prevents me from using it (I must use the IR-Remote provided with the TV-Box instead).
The TV IR-Remote works very well with the TV itself and the TV-Box using other apps: the problem hits only with KODI.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Look into the Keymap Editor add-on.

You can install it from the program addons section of the official (built-in) repo. It may allow you to reprogram the key to do what you want.
Just for info, I have the same issue using an LG TV / IR remote via HDMI-CEC on my Amlogic S905 X Android 6.0 box running Kodi 17.6
Same box / Kodi with Panasonic TV == No issues
LG TV / Remove with a FireTV Stick running Kodi 18rc4 == No issues

It seems to be a combination of LG's HDMI-CEC implementation and Kodi 17