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Full Version: .actors download after evrything else is scraped
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I have activated the .actors download after I had scraped my whole biblio. How is it possible to only download the actors of the whole biblio?

I was in the same situation a while back and discovered if I selected Search & Scrape Selected Movie, then unticked all the check boxes except Cast as shown in the image, then it would only download Actors and leave everything else untouched. The only problem is you can only do it one movie at a time. There might be another way that I am not aware of.

you could do the same as Karellen said with "scrape metadata for selected movie(s)" and select all movies
Thank you! This works!
Ohh... But in Kodi, the actors are not shown. If I look into an *.nfo:

<name>Mads Mikkelsen</name>

The path doesn't link to the .actors-folder ...?
kodi looks into the actors folder for itself afaik.. the url in the NFO is just a fallback
What can I do, that Kodi shows these .actor-files?
For now there is only one problem with re-downloading actors - it also collects the country and studio. However, this does not only change until these fields are then manually edited. For example, I edit Studio - and leave it to the max. 3 and also change the order (I do not know why, but I do that Smile. If I download the actors again - the studies will change as on TMDB.
In addition, if you have already downloaded actors' graphics, you do not download them again.
(2018-12-26, 11:52)TJFO Wrote: [ -> ]What can I do, that Kodi shows these .actor-files?

If you have local artwork, there is no need for them to be recorded in the NFO File. Kodi always looks for local artwork first. On first scan, if there is no local artwork, then Kodi checks the NFO File to get the address of online artwork.
I do not understand:

- Is "Download actors thumbnails" option checked in video settings the only way to show the actor images? If yes: Where are the pictures stored? Local (which folder?) or on the NAS/Server?

- Does it make sense at all to store the .actors folder with tinyMM, if these folders are not scanned by Kodi?

For me this is unclear, like in this post...
You have to refresh the movie in Kodi for it to pick up changes, perhaps that also applies to actor thumbs?

Unfortunately there is no way to refresh your whole collection, other than removing and adding back your data source.
Thank you! But this solution isn't very smart ...
I agree. Pity Kodi cannot simply rescan a source, either entirely, or looking for updated files.

I vaguely recall that there may be a way for a future version of TMM to communicate with Kodi to let it know a file had changed, but could be wrong, and don't want to pass on mis-information.

well we have plans for it, but we hadn't much success yet with this interface Sad
It's more the lack of time, to get this functionality up-and-running.

In v3, we already have a Kodi RPC connection - you can already trigger a complete "library update".
(which means, Kodi will add new entries, but do not see changes on existing ones)

With latest v3 build, an intial version of the "refresh movie" has ben implemented. (= tell Kodi to reread the NFO)
Buried in right click popup menu, if connected.
Have no clue if this works for actors or what else it does, but at least changed metadata is being reread... (at least, the one i've tried)
Feel free to try....