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Full Version: Add shortcut to smb folder structure to main menu
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1st off - I love this skin! Very well done!!

I found a workaround by adding my smb folders to favorites and linking that to the main meno via widgets - but then I can't use the favorites for anything else.

Is there a better way to add a shortcut to smb folder structure(s) to the main menu?


Another way to add your shortcut to the home screen without using Favourites...

1. Settings>Skin Settings>Customise home menu
2. Add a new Menu Item (the + symbol)
3. Set your smb folder in Action>Video Library>Sources>Choose your smb folder (at least one item needs to be scraped into the library to reveal the share in the list)
4. Then select Create menu item to here
5. Select what you want displayed - items in library or not in library or all
6. Then complete the remainder of the shortcut settings to what you prefer

Same process if you want to separate, say, documentaries from the main movie list... Custom home items (wiki)