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Full Version: Can I create a 6 day a week playlist?
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I am not sure this possible, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

 My stepfather is a huge fan of Westerns on TV. The problem is certain shows only appear on weekends, while other shows are given a four hour block. However since my work schedule has taken a step back, I have been watching these Westerns with him his range of motion is now limited (86 years old) so I help him go to the bathroom for example.

 Anyway TVLand ran through the 1966 to 1975 Color episodes of Gunsmoke in about a month and a half (4 hour blocks, 4 episodes a day) so thought it might be more efficient to watch these shows via Kodi though daily playlist.

 For 5 days a week I would like to show for example -

 1 hour of Wanted: Dead or Alive (Steve McQueen)
 1 hour of Wagon Train 
 1 hour of Maverick (James Garner)
 1 hour of Gunsmoke (James Arness)
 1 hour of Bonanza 

  All episodes shown in broadcast order.

 Is this possible at all? He's not very technically sound so I would like to do this for him, set it on Sunday night and then switch to Kodi from the cable input and let it go for 5 hours even he'll sleep through a good chunk of it.

 Happy New Year.