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Full Version: Live TV buffering: desired buffer watermark?
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Hi folks,

concerning LiveTV and buffering I learned from @FernetMenta ...

> VideoPlayer has a demux queue that can hold up to 8 seconds. When playing realtime streams (means buffers won't fill during playback) and buffer level gets below 5%, video player slighlty slows down speed so that buffers can fill. When level goes above 10% speed is set back to normal. 10% means 800ms buffer.

From my experience it can happen that VP "gets behind" after e.g. networking stutter and does not attempt to catch up by increasing the playback speed.

There are use cases where you want Live TV to be "as live as possible" (Sport ebents e.g.).
Or you have multiple KODIs playing the same stream and want them as much in sync as possible. I have a picture frame running in the kitchen e.g.

So it would be great to have an option "desired buffer watermark"... and if enabled VP tries to match that by both, increasing and decreasing speed.

Or am I mssing the point here? ;-)

Thanks for your fantastic work on KODI, btw.