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Full Version: XBMC Crashes directly after start SVN-REV 13435
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I just updated the SVN, and BUILD XBMC without errors, (REV 13435)

now when running XBMC it just shows the XBMC-Logo and then crashes.

here is the xbmc.log


(Btw, running the old_version still works.)
revert to r13429 for now
that crash is because the old python24-i486-linux.so has been left behind... you can delete it (in rev > 13435) because you have a brand new python24.zlib in the same dir Smile
I've the same issue in ubuntu after updating rev13435 from SVN PPA, i've simply unintalled all, i've deleted /home/myaccount/.xbmc, i've reinstalled all, and now it works. But nothing about this:
There are stability issues after 13429. Please use it until they have been resolved.
Is the SVN safe now that 13465 reverted some of the changes?
Hope so. Let me know.