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Full Version: How to create arbitrary DirectInput device controller profile?
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I have a bunch of controllers that don't match the pre-defined profiles.  It looks like you can create your own by writing a layout.xml but is there a schema for this? I take it you just define button1 - button32 but what about analog inputs (I think they are 1-8 but with legacy names like x / y / z / slider / x-rot / y-rot) and what about 4/8-way POV hats? Note:  Using DirectInput API.

scott s.
In v17 you can map the controllers in the GUI. No need for tedious xml. Search Google for the wiki article I wrote on configuring controllers in Kodi.
If the controllers look different, either choose the closest built-in profile (Kodi will figure it out), or (if you're a bamf) creat a new profile and send a PR to https://github.com/kodi-game/controller-...gy-project for all to use. I can help with any guides you need if you want to go down the awesome route.