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Full Version: Share video library on multiple devices
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Hi! This might be an easy question? I looked online and in the forum and haven’t found a specific answer.

I have a large video library on my stationary Pc. I use the latest version of Kodi.
My goal is to share that library on my laptop in my bedroom. This was easy with activation off the UPnP and activate “announce library updates”. I can now find the files and play them on my laptop. But it’s only the files not my progress or the artwork.

Is it possible to more or less mirror the look from my stationary Pc so that I can see everything in movies as I do on the stationary one? Artwork and progress and being able to continue watching something I started watching on the stationary? Essentially using the main features of Kodi?

Thanks for your help!
uPNP is not the way to go as it does not work with the Library.

There are better qualified members on the forum regarding MySQL shares but, until they respond, this might be a good place to start...

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