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Full Version: Function keys / multiple tap in C64 and SCUMMVM
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First, I would like to thank you for the great effort to integrate game support directly in Kodi. This really advances Kodi to the next level media solution!

I noticed two issues when using C64 and SCUMMVM cores:

1. Some C64 games (e.g. for starting or selecting the level) and SCUMMVM menus (e.g. save) use the function keys F1 - F12. Unfortunatley, they are reserved for Kodi functions and can not be selected in the controller setup for the Model M keyboard. Would it be possible to map those keys as well?

2. I could not find an option for C64 games having more than one tap file. Is there a way to enable this?
P.S.: I am on Ubuntu 18.04 using the RC3 with the game binaries compiled from github
Update: Found that in SCUMMVM the F-keys can be mapped for the keyboard and actually work. But in VICE C64 this is somehow missing.