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Full Version: No music import made when a google drive media source is used
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The import works perfectly with movies and tv shows when a google drive media source is used. But it doesn't when the library to import is music.
The Carlos Guzman's google drive addon allows you to use a google drive folder as media source (the addon works as a proxy or server or something because the way to use a cloud folder as a media source is using the address http://localhost:8587/googledrive/folder in the media library settings)
So, the problem is that although the system works well with movies and tv shows, it doesn't import anything when the media to be imported is music.

Once the source is correctly configured (a little tricky), it's browsable, I mean, I enter in the files option of the library and I can dig in the media source and see the mp3 files (the same with movies and series).
But when I choose the option to scan content to the library or update library nothing is imported. 
The google drive folder I use is a copy of a folder I have in the hard disk. If I use the hard disk folder as the media source then the import is successful and a great bunch of mp3 files is imported correctly, so the problem is not tag related.

Any comments are welcome.
Wow! Didn't even know this was possible! Very cool, sorry I cant help with the issue though.