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Full Version: TV Shows Won't Play?
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I am a new user to the plugin and I love it. After importing my Movie and TV Library into Kodi, I programmed channels to play these videos. 
The movies work fine.
The TV shows show up in Kodi and in the Channel Manager but when PseudoTV Live is started, it does not pick up on them and skips the channel.
I have tried different things to correct this but none seem to work.
I have one channel programmed to play everything in the TV directory (I only have 2 different shows and 12 episodes collectively), one to play comedy TV, one to play drama TV, and one to play my favorite series. In the Channel Manager the TV shows are detected and I can select them, but then the channels do not show up.
Can someone please help me to figure out what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much!