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Full Version: Can I import EMDB movies database to KODI?
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Hi guys,

I use EMDB on my PC. It's easy for me to manage all my movies. Can I copy/convert movie database from EMDB to KODI?
Or maybe there is a better way to easy manage KODI movies database on PC via web browser?

What is EMDB? Provide links thanks.
High there, EMDB is "Eric's Movies Database", the link is "http://www.emdb.eu/", it export movies to a CSV files, text files and HTML files.
No, there is no Kodi option to import databases from other applications. Of course, if you are fluent in SQL, you could do it outside of Kodi, but not recommended.

It would be much easier to just add your Sources and let the Kodi scrapers do the work. See My Signature below for the link to the HowTo: guide.
Ok, thank you very much for your answer and your timeĀ  Smile