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Full Version: Asus Chromebox Kodi to 4K TV
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I have an Asus Chromebox (MU075) with Kodi LibraeELE on it with dual boot ( ChromeOS and Kodi). Recently I bought a Samsung QLED tv. When I connect Chromebox using its displayport to TV, ChromeOS works without any issue. But when I boot Chromebox with Kodi, no signal goes to TV. I tried both displayport and HDMI, but no luck. I connected displayport to my old LCD tv (no 4K), Kodi doesn’t work on old tv but works fine when I connect to HDMI port. I dont think displayport or HDMI port is faulty. Its just that when I run Kodi, it doesnt send proper signal to 4K tv.

Please suggest a solution. Not sure if i need to upgrade Kodi version. If yes, then how? Since Chromebox is setup dual boot, I find it difficult to upgrade Kodi version. Please share link of step by step process to upgrade Kodi.

Will buying an additional device that steps up 1080p signal to 4K will work?
Which version of "LibraeELE" (AKA LibreELEC) do you use? And no, you cannot update the Kodi part in LibreELEC separately.
Also, a debug log (wiki) with more inside info would be nice. Smile