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Full Version: Transfer of Pay TV channels list from the Nbox decoder to the Kodi TV application.
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Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, I am asking you with a very kind request for support.

I have a paid channel list in the Nbox 2850st decoder. How can I check what is the channel list file in the Nbox 2850st decoder?

I need to transfer this list to the Kodi TV application.

The Operational System in the Decoder is Enigma2.

If the post was written in the wrong section, I am asking you to transfer this post to the relevant forum section.
What version of Kodi are you running?
What version of the addon do you have installed?
Which Enigma2 image do you have as well as the OpenWebIf version?
Hello, Thank you for being here Smile

This Enigma2 in the decoder is damaged. I have a Soft GrateriaOS on PenDrive

I have a smooth undamaged Graterlia OS on PenDrive. I am asking you to send info, what information should I check in this Soft?
On the interface: Equipment: adb2850 Processor: STx7111 (sh4), st40-300 Image: Graterlia OS Installed: 2017-05-09 07:16 Kernel version: stm24_0217 Enigma: GOS 2016-09-11 - Branch: Enigma Restart Master: 684 GStreamer: 1.10.1 Last Update: 2017-05-09 07:17:41 DVB Drivers :: 1.-10-1 Python Version: 2.7.12 Frontprocessor version: 0 Detected tuners: Tuner A: STV090x Multistandard (DVB-S2) Tuner B: g $ DIB7070 (DVB-T) LG
If you visit http://<your-ip-address> what do you see?

If that works try http://<your-ip-address>/web/deviceinfo

You need a working web interface to connect to your device using Kodi.

It’s recommended to have OpenWebIf 1.3.x or later. OpenWebIf should be installed as an extension on your device (usually it’s part of your image).

You might want to upgrade your OS, it appears to be quite old.
Hello, can I ask you on TeamViewer or another application? Please, help me with this. This is too much information for me. Write when You can have a moment.
What is the IP address of your receiver?

Sorry, support is via the forum only.
(2019-01-10, 11:20)whitewolf1608 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-01-10, 12:03)whitewolf1608 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-01-10, 11:20)whitewolf1608 Wrote: [ -> ]
 I am asking you with a very kind request for your technical support. I am giving you the ip address of the decoder to enter Oscama. Please, look at the situation. If you can, do you want to write what specific tools to use to transfer these channel lists from GrateriaOS to Android to Kodi?
@whitewolf1608 One step at a time Wink

If you put this URL in a browser can you post the resulting page back here?

Once I have the information above I can tell you how to set it up in kodi.
Hello, I do not understand you very much. If you can, write more clearly about what you mean. What exactly should I send in response?
Click this link: . Then copy the text that displays in your browser and paste it here.
Hello, Thank you for being there Smile Take a look at the screenshot for free!

That does not look good.

Just to check you definitely used this URL:

And the IP address matches the IP of your Enigma2 device?

Can you access the web interface for your device? If so what is the URL you use?
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