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Full Version: Couple of initial Kodi setup questions
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Used XBMC wayyy back in the chipped original Xbox days and LOVED it, but that was many moons ago.  Up to latest Xbox One now and I've been using its default media player, but it frankly stinks.  Native X360 version was much better and much more user friendly.  Been looking for a solution that will scan subdirectories and catalog items for faster pick sequence.  Walla -- stumble on Kodi which looks like it will fit the bill perfectly!  Handful of (hopefully simple) initial setup questions:

1 - All my media files are on huge desktop PC hard drive in another room.  Applicable directories set to local network sharing & Kodi sees them fine thru UPNP links.  Since I haven't done anything on desktop, I'm assuming Win 10 version of Kodi doesn't have to be installed there.  Would I gain any additional Xbox functionality by installing there anyway?

2 - Even though I've added network shares as sources, the libraries inside Kodi don't show any files.  That's where I'm stuck.  I can chain click through those directories and play files on demand, but can't figure out why libraries aren't populating.

2a - Does selecting a top level directory automatically select subdirectories too?  Can't find anything in the settings to turn that feature on or off.  I'm hoping I don't have to individually map every single subdirectory on that hard drive.  For example, there is a top level called "Family Videos", but then subdirectories of 2018, 2017, 2016, etc for years back.

3 - Soon cutting the DirecTV cord (yay!) in favor of a YouTube TV subscription using Roku sticks.  Is there a Kodi app for Roku where Xbox could be taken out of the loop completely?  Trying to simplify the whole setup for my wife and kids.

Thanks in advance, and I'm really looking forward to implementing Kodi as part of longer term solution.  I'm not a developer, but I love the open source concept.  Huge reason I punted Apple years ago moving to Android!  Never look back.

(2019-01-04, 04:35)Vol4Ever94 Wrote: [ -> ]Applicable directories set to local network sharing & Kodi sees them fine thru UPNP links.
(2019-01-04, 04:35)Vol4Ever94 Wrote: [ -> ]the libraries inside Kodi don't show any files.
You cannot populate the Kodi library using uPNP. You will need to use SMB or NFS.
(2019-01-04, 04:45)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]You cannot populate the Kodi library using uPNP. You will need to use SMB or NFS. 
 I'm on Windows 10, so SMB seems the better choice.  I'm fairly PC savvy, but by no means an IT professional!  In the spirit of try DIY first, I had to google around those two protocols and NFS looked more Ubuntu.  Would LOVE to explore linux someday, but that's a conversation for somewhere else / another day.  Anyway, I followed directions I found to re-enable SMB stuff in Win 10 since they took out Homegroups (why oh why?  That has made my personal home networking a nightmare to maintain with wife / kids / multiple devices / etc).  Anyway, then I went to Kodi wiki and worked from here:


Followed those directions and wound up at "Add a new network location" in section 5.  Problem is that Windows Network (SMB) does *not* show up in Kodi as I toggle through all the various available settings.  Any idea what I might have fat fingered?

Image 4 needs an update by the look of it. Not completely sure what you did, but have a look at these images and see if you did the same...

Yup. Exactly there. Used an incorrect word in my prior message. Should've stated toggling thru available PROTOCOLS, not settings. On my screen it goes thru (from memory) things like FTP, http, https, blah, blah. But there's not one available labeled SMB or Windows SMB....

Can't take a photo of all available as they toggle thru as opposed to traditional drop down format.
AFAIK (it's been a while since I looked at kodi on my son's xbox) you still have to enable the vfs.smb2 addon for smb to show up.
Maybe take a look at this.