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Full Version: "Variable Frame Rate" and "adjust display refresh rate" option
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Please tell me your experience with variable frame rate videos and the "adjust display refresh rate" option On.
In my case, Kodi changes the display refresh rate back and forth when there is a transition of frame rate.
For example, with:
Frame rate: 24.260 FPS
Minimum frame rate: 17.118 FPS
Maximum frame rate: 29.981 FPS,
"adjust display refresh rate" set to On makes it impossible to watch.
If I set it to Off it's quite OK, even if it is played at, I think, 60Hz (the default refresh rate).
(My TV is able to deliver 24fps)

So my question is: what's the best setting to play VFR videos?
VFR is a pitty sadly. I would just leave Adjust Refreshrate off and trust our RenderManager to calculate properly :-)

Real question is: Why encode VFR in the first place? What's the goal?
Better stability?