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Full Version: Force scrape of newly added movies/tv episodes
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I use Sonarr/Radarr to send new moves/TV series to my sources.
They are added and seen in Kodi but without being automatically scraped. So I need to go to the movie, click in information and force it to get it.
It asks to ignore the local info, I press yes and it gets it.
Is this normal behaviour?

If yes, can I make Kodi do this automatically? 
If no, what am I missing?

The NFO Files created by Sonarr / Radarr are not compatible with Kodi. Though they will partly import, they will corrupt your database. We strongly urge you to use the Kodi scrapers. A quick search of Sonarr in the forum will bring up plenty of threads with corrupted databases. Most users have had to rebuild their library.

(2019-01-05, 15:55)huuub Wrote: [ -> ]It asks to ignore the local info, I press yes and it gets it.
If you are ignoring local info, then you are using the Kodi scrapers to scrape the items into Kodi, so you are not using the Sonarr nfo files.
Sonarr and Radarr both support updating Kodi automatically. Settings > Connect > Kodi.
Well, maybe it helps others. 
I deleted all the nfo files that came with Radarr/sonarr, then put source to nothing and back to movies/TV.
It rescraped and everything is ok.
I also (as Hitcher said) connected Kodi to them to update the library.
Thanks all!
Thread marked solved.