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Full Version: Rating-based smart playlist
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This is in part a follow-up to my post here. I've amended my rating tags in flac files for a 100-based system and then re-scraped the library.

Next, I've tried to create a smart playlist, using "songs", sorting "random", and adding a filter "Rating is greater than 3". The list is empty, however, not even my mp3's show up.

Any ideas?
I bet you have created a "Rating" rule rather than a "My Rating" rule, and the tag rating values (and the changes via GUI) are held as "My Rating" values.

Why have both "Rating" and "My Rating", and how is "Rating" set? Please don't ask me I didn't design the rating facility it but I feel like I have been fixing bugs and explaining it to users ever since someone else updated it to "be like video" for v16. Personally I don't use rating at all, which kind of makes matters worse. :p
Your bet is correct and it works with "my rating", thanks for the explanation!

Indeed, with Videos it is another matter... I don't rate them from within Kodi (or at all) and the skin shows "rating" which is a value taken from a third party service like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. The "my" in "my rating" suggests to me that this refers to the rating I would do from within Kodi. That has a certain inner logic which I can understand.

For music, however, there's no logic to the distinction made and it's NOT "like video". If it were, then both the tags in the music file AND my rating within Kodi would be "my rating" and ratings imported from services like TheAudioDB, AllMusic, Discogs, etc. would be third party "Rating".
Yep multiple ratings are a problem and slightly different between music and videos currently. It would be good to standardize them one day with a new Database table such as "My rating, IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes Rating, TheAudioDB rating, ALLMusic Rating" etc. Basically something extensible.