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Full Version: No PartyMode.xsp file in new install?
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Not sure if this is a bug, but I have two fresh Windows 7 installs, and fresh installs of 17.6 on both. Searching the userdata folder for PartyMode.xsp yields zero results. Seems like in the past the file existed and I could simply edit it. Do I have to create the file myself? It's possible I had to create the file in the past, and I just don't remember having to do it. If not, more of a heads up, then.
You create party mode yourself, in the gui.
(2019-01-06, 21:18)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]You create party mode yourself, in the gui.
 Ahh, right on, that seems vaguely familiar now. I thought it automatically generated one when you started Party Mode, and for some reason I edited it manually. It's been years since I've messed with it. Had my old playlist backed up on the second PC. But it had two identical hard drives, and I formatted the wrong one. :/ No major losses, just little things like this. Thanks.