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Full Version: keymap editor extra lines in _activate_window section for Harmony Hub
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Hi there,

Since wondering how to get the most out of my "Harmony Hub companion" remote I started to fiddle with keymap editor .
First I searched for letter combinations not yet used in "Fullscreen video" When I had these combinations I launched keymap editor.
Keys not used are (Ctrl+Alt+1,Ctrl+Alt+2,Ctrl+Alt+3,G,N,P,Q,U) though I didn't needed them all.

Harmony key----Key choosen----Keymap Editor
Red Short,-------->Ctrl+Alt+1,------->Fullscreen Video, Windows,-->subtitlesearch
Red Long,-------->Ctrl+Alt+2,------->Fullscreen Video, Windows,-->subtitledelay
Green Short,----->Ctrl+Alt+3,------->Fullscreen Video, Windows,-->osdsubtitlesettings  This one I needed to ad in /sdcard/.kodo/addons/script.keymap actions.py search for _activate_window =
                                              and then right before the line   "subtitlesearch"           , "Subtitle Search",  I added "osdsubtitlesettings"      , "Subtitle settings",
Green Long,------>CPU/VideoInfo
Yellow Short,----->NextSubtitle
Yellow long,------>CodecInfo
Blue Short,------->AudioLanguage-->
Blue Long,------->CortonaVoiceInput

I read in an earlier post that I could get the name of the window with "xbmcgui.getCurrentWindowDialogId()"..
But I have no Idea where I need to place this line is it still right?

Furthermore I would like to know the name of the window that let me see all the subtitle languages.
So in Fullscreen video call the menu and choose subtitle( which is in Fact osdsubtitlesettings) and then choose subtitle to see all available subtitle languages.

I had to edit the actions.py in the "keymap editor" addon directory and added a line ("osdsubtitlesettings","Subtitle Settings") I placed this line directly after the subtitlesearch line.
Is it possible to include this standard in the future? 

What I really would like is a (" unknown to me" , "Subtitle Languages", line added in the list of keymap editor.
I know It's only one window less opened but it's what I want.

Thanks for reading