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Full Version: Will the app scan for new media added auto or scans need to be done manually?
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I'm trying to move away from Metabrowser which is no longer supported and has scraper plugin issues. I was hoping that TinyMediaManager would scan for new media automatically and scrape but I'm not seeing that as an option. Guessing it's a no but wanted to confirm.
No it does not (on pupose).
if you have a GUI, you want control, and not start it and wait for something to happen magically...

if you want to automate, there are also command line switches for update, scrape  and rename (in a single rush)
Well, sure but an option to have it auto scan where you can change metadata later if you feel there should be a change would achieve the same objective just like how it is in Metabrowser.

I'll see about using the command line switches, though.  Thanks!