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Full Version: Replay Button produces black screen
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i have updated kodi on my Sony KD-55AF8 from Kodi 17.6 to 18 Nightly "kodi-20190108-adb55e29-master-armeabi-v7a.apk and now the replay button doesn't work right. Only audio is there but no video. The UI is visible and works if i do anything but no video. If i watch the movie from the beginning all is right, also fast-forwarding works.

Also the problem is only with UHD. With HD or SD material there are no problems

Here is the Debug Log
ebejafakel (paste)
Has anyone an idea?

On Windows this problem isn't there
So i've tested a bit and it have nothing to do with UHD, HD or SD. It is a problem with the x265 codec. Videos with other codecs work as they should.
File a bug on github, make 100% sure you follow the template, upload your Debug Log there and someone might look for this for 18.1 - too late for 18.0
I have done that, but no answers...
15250 (GH issue)