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Full Version: Kodi 3D with Amazon stick 4K
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Hi guys,

Nice to meet you here.

I am having issue with 3D function .

I am using amazon fire stick 4K with 4K 3D Bravia TV.

3D movie plays smooth on kodi SBS but when I press 3D button on my TV remote to activate the 3D . I don’t see the menu on the screen.

I see an error that says this signal not available.

Am I missing something in the setting of kodi or fire stick ?

Your help and guidance will get appreciated.

Thanks I’m advance
I don't think that the Amazon 4k stick support 3D MVC/ISO files. Just SBS or TAB which is basically 2D where the TV generates the 3D image out of it.
Hi Laola,

Thank you for your reply.

I have tried to play 3D SBS from YouTube app in fire stick but still when I click 3D button in my remote I don’t see the option to activate the SBS.

When I try on Apple TV 4 gen to play 3D through kodi , it’s fine , I can see the 3D function on my tv and activate it .

So I think you are right Amazon’s 4K stick does not support any 3D that’s why I don’t see the 3D option.

Do you think amazon software update to the stick sometimes will fix the issue ? Or it’s a hardware problem.

Thank you once again for taking time to reply .
no idea about Amazon roadmap and hardware details...