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Full Version: Stuttering 4K on NON 4K tv Kodi 18 nightly 08.01.2018
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Hi. I am using a Nvidia Shield TV with a 1080 tv. With Media Codec and Surface activated 4K stutter and 1080 is Fine.

Of i deactivate Media Codec Surface only 4K runs fine but 1080 stutter.

Of i deactivate both 4K stutter and 1080 runs fine.

Even with whitelist activated of deactivated.

Debug log will follow.

First Play 4K Video second 1080 

Media Codec Surface on and media codec on.  4K Stutter, 1080 OK
Media Codec Surface ON and Media Codec ON

Media Codec Surface OFF Media Codec on 4K OK 1080 Stutter
Media Codec Surface OFF Media Codec ON

Both OFF 4K Stutter 1080 OK
Both OFF
updated debug logs