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Full Version: Unable to stream external subitles over UPNP
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Hy Guys,

I am not able to stream external subtitles over UPNP. I have Kodi 17.6 
On Kodi UPnP server, services settings - UPNP / DLNA - set "look for external subtitles" is switched on.

The subtitle (.srt, .txt) file name is same as the movie's name and it's in the movie's folder 

Subtitle storage location: next to the video 

I have tried with several client, androit tv, windows 10 PC etc.. but same result.

Browse for subtitle options does not work.  

If I try to play the movies from server side everything works okey.

Can anybody confirm if Kodi do read subtitles using UPNP

I do not even know where to start. I have checked all the setting and it seems okey.
It's a longstanding issue AFAIK, and there may have been improvements/fixes on this in Kodi Leia 18. I would test K18, as Kodi 17 is a closed book.
For me it was one of the bigger reasons to not use UPnP again. I'm now using NFS for file retrieving and a MySQL datatabase for metadata sharing.