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Full Version: Kodi18/Leia: Rar libraries are scanned, but not playable in Movie Library
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Hi guys! First off, yes, I do have the RAR Archive Support addon installed. That is the first thing I did when starting fresh on Win10.
Here is my debug log: https://paste.kodi.tv/alocepazeb

Issue is this;
1. When I add ONE folder containing several movies, using NFS, it is added fine in the Video section, and I am able to start every movie from there. 
2. When scanning is completed, I head over to the Library/Movie section where all the movies are scanned and mapped correctly. But not a single movie can start playing. I get the information window that states that "This file is no longer available. Do you want tor remove it?".
3. I head back to the Video section and start the same movie, and it starts playing.

As reference; when I add folders that contains movies that are unrar:ed (like mkv or iso) it works just fine. It is the rar librarys that doesn't cut it.

Thank you so much in advance!
I tested some more, I found one very strange thing. As movies still are unplayable in Movie Library, I can actually start the movies from the "home screen" where the latest added movies, ongoing movies etc are presented. So, why not from the movie Library?? D)

This starts to drive me insane

EDIT: Do you want me to post a new log file and show how it looks when I start a movie from the start screen/home page?
Next finding, when reverting to 17.6, it works again. Is it a bug in Kodi18, or is just handled differently?

The log does not show anything of value. Could you try again and do the following while debug mode is running...

1. Run an Update Library and scrape one of the rar files, even if you have to remove one from the library first
2. Attempt to play one of your rar files. Tell us the name of what you are playing.

Upload the log. The RAR maintainer is currently away, so there will be a delay in response. But lets have all the info ready for him when he returns.
Hi Karellen, thanks for your response!
I just got it rolled back to 17.6 and everything is working fine now. I will not update to Leia again since my familiy will most certain order a hitman to take me out in that case. But I will try to do this on a spare computer though. I am not sure if I can replicate this error on this computer, but I have experienced this on two different machines so I think I will.
I had the exact same issue with LibreElec on a Rasperberry Pi 3.
Archive + rar-archive installed.
Starting Movie from "Home screen" works but everything else fails from the media library.
Using the "File"-view I can find the move/tv-show and start the movie without any issues.

I also reverted to 17.6 so not able to provide any logs atm unfortunately. But it should mean its not an issue isolated to Windows/UWP but a general issue.
Thanks for confirming this as well, SwiftCold.
I will try to set up this and reproduce this error again, to be able to retrieve the wanted logs!
Hi @Karellen,  I managed to revive a laptop that have the power to run Kodi (yeah, they don't need to be that modern, I know). I installed Kodi18 RC4, trying to reproduce the error, without any luck. On this computer, everything works as expected. On my other three computers, it doesn't. I guess this is a good thing, of course. But it is still a bit scary to even consider updating the computers I use. Will it work now, or was I just lucky with this old computer?! Smile

Anyway, I think we can close this case, as I am not able to reproduce and provide a decent log file. I will at least wait for the stable version of Leia before moving forward.

Thanks all
Don't you hate that!!

You always have the option of testing with a Portable Install on Windows systems, which won't interfere with your current installation if done correctly... https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Ko...table_Mode
This is driving me insane! After the upgrade to Leia no multi-part MKV RARed files can be played.
I am using Kodi for Android and unlike others cannot find a way to play the movies from anywhere. Always says the files aren't available anymore.
Possibly, this is caused by retroplayer. The rar extension should now be associated with roms and not with videos. I think I have understood in other threads. This can be modified through advancedsettings.xml
Thanks for the information! How can this be solved with advancedsettings.xml?
See https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=164725   (original post #1)
But this is for remove extensions and in old compilations. I dont know if this is related to the problem but ...

By the way, see also 
Looks like this is now a known issue with a workaround. I'll try it on my system tonight.
Confirmed. I installed Virtual File System Archive support and Virtual File System RAR support. Disabled the former and enabled the latter. After doing that all files are now being picked up. No sure both are needed to be installed though.

Apparently archive support was removed from the core Kodi code and added as an add-on.