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Full Version: Kodi AVI Thumbnails
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I have done a search but not found specific issue on this so here goes.
I have download thumbnail images for all the movies I have.
All match to the video file correctly however AVI files specifically do not appear with the thumbnail I have for it.MP4 MKV etc are fine just AVI's are missing.

As a newbie to using KODI as a player connected to a SERVIIO media server wondering f there is a setting or function I need to use to correct this.

Kodi is configured out of the box, I haven't fiddled with anything   (YET)

Cheers for the help

(2019-01-11, 21:47)stormtigers Wrote: [ -> ]I have download thumbnail images for all the movies I have.
What are thumbnail images? Poster, fanart, landscape etc...

How and where have you saved them. Maybe a screenshot of your folder structure would help.

As you are a newbie, maybe some of the links in My Signature will help.

Sorry I am referring to the images displayed when using wall setting.
I have extracted images for all the movies I have as JPG images from IMDB.
Example  MovieName.avi has MovieName.jpg
There is an image for every moviefile of all file types (mkv, mp4, avi)

Only the avi images do not show on the wall

I can see this is going to be a difficult one Wink Your answers just raise more questions.

Wall setting. I assume you mean the default skin Estuary? They are Posters.

You say you have extracted images. Why would you use screenshots as posters? You also refer to IMDB for images. IMDB would not be the place to get images from. Best place for images are...
https://www.themoviedb.org/ and https://fanart.tv/ for movies

If you are manually sourcing images, then that leads to the question... how are you scraping your movies?
Not screenshots, saved images.
As an example https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099810/med...2474579712
then right click and save it.

Yes referring to Estuary and View Setting INFOWALL.

Not using "scraping".
I have been collecting tv shows etc manually for many years and been happy with a text based media player accessing the files from my Twonky Server/more recently a Serviio server. 
That media player has worked faultlessly until recently when it decided to go on to bigger and better things (the rubbish bin due to power supply dying).
I have had to replace it with an Android based box with Kodi.  It works well but has the ability to display a poster of the movie title I think it is worth using.

Recently decided to convert our DVD collection to useable computer files (mkv) also which number some 300 films collected over many years many of which are difficult to find online as a downloadable file.

Obviously mate I am new to KODI and not used POSTERS before with my old setup.
Found them by typing in the title and finding IMDB was first up answer on most then I noticed they display a POSTER if you click on the image which I then saved.

Will have a look at the place you recommend thank you.

But it still doesn't help in regards to why isn't kodi using the POSTER images I have in the directory for the AVI files yet it uses those for all other file type.
Sure, ok.

So, if you are not scraping into the library, that means you are using the simple file browser via Videos>Files. Using this method displays only limited artwork, but it should display the poster and fanart. If it doesn't it means there is something wrong with either the image itself, or where/how you saved it. If you provide that screenshot, I might be able to see the problem.

Have a look at Artwork (wiki) and see all the different types of images available that the various skins can display if you scanned/scraped into the library. If you don't scrape into the library, then most of the Kodi features won't be available to you. (just trying to guide you, as a new user, down a different path Wink )

Maybe the Quick start guide (wiki) might help
Heres a dump of kodi install  and the directory structure which is quite simplistic.
And I just noticed the same has ha[[ened on an mkv so obviously must be something going skewy 
Thanks for that.

From what I can see, that looks ok... but you your folder only shows me the images that do work. In the Kodi screenshot, The Bourne Legacy and The Commuter don't work, but they are not in your folder screenshot. They are what I need to see.

Out of curiosity, does the Fast and Furious 7 image work?
Yes - it's only a ssssmal image compared to others I found but seemingly works okay.
Had some typo errors on some of the file names that fixed those and was missing a couple I had overlooked.
Not sure how often or quickly updates its database but will check back and see if the corrections are filtered through or if the avi format still has issue
(2019-01-12, 08:37)stormtigers Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure how often or quickly updates its database but will check back and see if the corrections are filtered through or if the avi format still has issue
Give it up to 24 hours. The format of the video file has no effect on artwork, so that is not the issue. Let us know how it works out for you with your fixes.

Also, you should consider using the better artwork at the links I provided. First use TheMovieDB for your poster and fanart. The rest of the artwork comes from fanart.tv

The image shows a typical movie with all the types of artwork. The artwork is simply named here as I have a separate folder for each movie. As you have all movies in one folder, you need the more complex naming as you have done...