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Full Version: Ho to to schedule recordings in Tvheadend client propperly?
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Hello forum,

a year ago, I have installed Libreelec on my Odroid C2. I have also set up a PVR system with Tvheadend according to this instruction
Basically watching and recording TV (German DVB-T2) is working. I can receive all expected channels.

But unfortunately, I have not fully understood how to schedule recordings of single broadcasts the right way: Sometimes it does not record at all, sometimes I receive a recording of 10 hours which fills up my HD.
I tried those ways:
  1. In TV menu, I navigate to EPG guide, and then I click on my desired broadcast. Then I can select either "record" or "add timer" - what is the difference??
  2. Alternatively, I can schedule a recording in TV menu by "Timer", but then I am not able to delete/edit this timer later, so recording of series does not stop (and meanwhile I have a long list of timer rules).
I could not find a documentation/instruction, maybe my issue is easy to solve and someone can explain it here, or point me to the right direction.

If I am experiencing recording failure or endless recordings, is this usually a problem in handling or could the be related to Tvheadend configuration?

Thanks a lot for supporting me here


my system:
Platform: Odroid C2
DVB-T2 tuner: USB Geniatech T230
Linux: LibreELEC 3.14.29
Kodi: 17.0
PVR Backend: HTS Tvheadend 4.1.2520 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.1.111
PVR Frontend: Tvheadend HTSP Client Ver.