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Full Version: Music: recently added list is wrong
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I read the thread 195751 (thread)

I guess it's the same thing for music (OGG files). Which date is actually used: that of the creation of the file, the one entered in the tags?

Indeed, soon after the loading of the files and update of the base, these last ones appear among the recently added files, but after Kodi's extinction-restart, they disappear.

I do not understand: the date of the files (creation) is the same, ie yesterday!

Somebody could help me?

There seems to be a fundamental difference between the creation date and the last modified date: taking care to modify both to be identical, the list of newly added files appears to be correct after scanning the files and restarting Kodi.
Must be confirmed...
Moved to Muisc support as music library related question.
@Piteur54 sorry you got overlooked, but music library releated questions are best posted here.

By default Kodi uses file modified timestamp for song "dateadded" value. This can be switched by an entry in advancedsettings.xml
0 =  currrent time (when scanned) ,
1(default) = modified timestamp,
2 = newer of creation and modification timestamps.

The album and artist dateadded values are taken as the max dateadded value of the related songs

Unfortunately only using <dateadded>0</dateadded> tells Kodi about when they were added to the library, the default use of timestamp does not. So in an attempt to show the user the most recently added albums (not just their newest music files) the Recently Added Albums node does not use dateadded, it uses album ID instead. The most recently added items will have the newest ID, so even adding old files to the library they will show as recent.

As you have experienced, this also means that if you rescan all your music files and recreate your library then the most recently added albums will be those that were scanned last when working through your folders in alphabetical order.

A discussion about how this could change in future versions here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=336838
Thank you so much for your response.

The information is a bit complicated, I think. If I understood correctly, it would be necessary to pass "timestamp for song dateadded "value" to zero (1 by default).

I'm going to try. Thanks again.
I will try to simplify, but not sure I completely understand what you want to achieve.

The Recently Added Albums node will always show the 15 albums most recently scanned into the library, that node does not use "dateadded".

If sorting albums by dateadded then it uses the max song "dateadded" for the songs on that album. The song "dateadded" value gets set when that music file is scanned into the library. The value used by default is the file modified timestamp. This can be changed to the use the scan time, or the max of file created and modified times by a setting in advancedsettings.xml. The setting is applied when scanning happens, so changing it will not alter the "datetadded" time of any existing albums or songs.
Thank you again this time.

As it happens, if I do not intervene on the modification / access dates ('touch' command, with Ubuntu), Kodi does NOT ALWAYS respect (Section: view of 15 recently added albums) the creation dates of the created files that are deposited on the hard disk attached to the Raspberry running with LibreElec.

And I can't understand why! In principle, copying a file to the hard disk attached to the Raspberry, via the local network, should give as the modification date the copy date to the file (which is the creation of the file on the attached hard disk). No?

Does the problem come from that the files corresponding to a given album are stored in a directory (one for each album)?

I have trouble understanding why the dates of adding files, by copy to the attached hard drive, are not always respected as "dateadded".

Does the problem come from a bad knowledge of English on my part? Please excuse me.
Clearly langauge differences are not helping Smile
I will try to say the same thing using different words.

Showing the recently added albums does not use dateadded.

If you want to see the albums from recently created/modified music files then view the normal albums list and sort by dateadded.

Why doesn't Kodi use the dateadded to determine the recently added albums? Well users may add old music files (created/modified long ago) to the library but these are new to Kodi and so need to be shown as recently added. The file dates do not indicate what is recent for Kodi.

I hope that is clearer, but if not then I will keep trying.
It's not a matter of respecting the dates (dateadded is still there and you can still use it for whatever you want), it's a difference in opinion on if it should be used for that list by default. You can change the definition of that list to use "dateadded" if you like.

The video library works the way you expect, and I do happen to prefer it. I think this is what the AS.xml option is for: each of us can decide which "added" time is more meaningful (I prefer file date so that it is the date it was added to my collection, nevermind Kodi), and then everything else in Kodi just keys on the "dateadded".