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Full Version: Regex does not match square bracket
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Hi everyone

In CreateSearchUrl I'd like to tread file names that contain an opening square bracket differently. However, I can't match the bracket in a regex.

The idea is to optionally put e.g. the director's name in the file name in square brackets.
The Pledge [Sean Penn].mp4
Angels Share.mp4

But it should not be used for the search, so I'd like to filter it in the expression of regex 1.
(If it matches, it 'calls' regex 2 which returns the matched string to the surrounding regex. If it doesn't, regex 3 will return the original string to the surrounding regex.)
However, I have problems with the special character. I have the impression that the square bracket is being replaced before it's passed to the regex.
I tried the noclean option but without effect. I guess that applies to the special charaters in the output.
Do you have any idea? Thanks.

<CreateSearchUrl dest="3">
    <RegExp input="$$6" output="&lt;url&gt;http://test.com/q=\1&lt;/url&gt;" dest="3">
        <RegExp input="$$1" output="\1" dest="7"><!-- regex 1 -->
            <expression clear="yes" noclean="1">(.+)\[.*</expression>
        <RegExp input="$$7" output="\1" dest="6"><!-- regex 2 -->
        <RegExp input="$$7" output="$$1" dest="6"><!-- regex 3 -->
        <expression noclean="1" />