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Full Version: Pre-Release 3.0 RC4
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thanks for this great new software... absolutely great work! I have done some tests and movies are working great with RC2 and Ubuntu 18.04.

But actually I experience a strange issue with updating my tvseries folders, after clicking on "Update Datenverzeichnis" for tv series everything looks fine (also in log file, no ERRORs), but the GUI is blocked and after finishing the update the TMM GUI is still blocked. I cannot click anything and tmm is unusable. I needed to kill with PID, after a restart everything looks fine?!?! Does anyone experience the same issue? Actually I am testing with a very big tv show collection ~700 tv shows

Thanks and best regards!

The "Reload selected item(s) in Kodi database" are broken, I am connected but nothing updates in Kodi database
The DTS-ES sample i have is correctly identified in latest v3 nightly. 7 channels...
Havent checked icon, but iirc we do not have one for ES yet...
But lets discuss such things in "nightly thread"

Can you please export the complete mediainfo as XML?
On windows MI GUI there's an export function - check XML/sidecar.
Via CMD there might be an --output=xml option, to generate this...

Still in development.
Can you please post the last few lines of logfile?
I assume a matching problem / not finding the movie...
How are your movies added to TMM & Kodi? both the same way? eg via \\server\share
Just a short update from me... waiting for ~ 1,5 h after the update folder the GUI becomes responsive again...  Huh
So somethings happens there without any logging...
Did you have a look at the memory usage? (bottom bar of tmm)
With 700 shows I suppose the default memory settings are too low an you are running into the garbage collector all the time
@lastico90 your problem is not trivial.. the template engine (JMTE) interprets the tokens and does its work --> ${movieTitle[0]} and ${movieTitle;first} returns the first character (which is Œ). the ascii replacement runs on the result and replaces the result from JMTE with ASCII characters. Œ => Oe; as you see both functions work in their scope but fail to work in combination under these circumstances..
JMTE does not know anything from movie renamer settings and the ascii replacement does not know that you wanted only the first letter...
I could adopt the _first_ renderer to respect the renamer settings (ascii replacement), so in the future

${movieTitle;first} => O
${movieTitle[0]} => Oe

i hope that this is a compromise we all can live with..
(2019-02-22, 20:40)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]i hope that this is a compromise we all can live with..

Thanks for your answer, and yes that a good compromise.
I got to try this software out lately, very nice application that is very powerful, thanks a lot! I am using the nightly/snapshot version and I have a bug to report and a question about it:

BUG: The TV show scraper ignores one of my default scraping options: I have "scrape metadata for seasons and episodes" unchecked, yet the default whenever a scrape dialogue pops up has it checked. The other default checkmarks are working correctly. Please verify that the scraper settings for TV shows don't work like intended in this case.

QUESTION: How do I use this program to effectively rename movies and TV shows? When I press the "rename" button, I guess that something happens, I just am getting zero dialogues about any input for me to configure the renaming process. I guess it's supposed to be fully automated, but I'd want this to be more interactive, like it is the case with scraping. Especially I'd like to have tmm sort things into subdirectories so that Kodi can understand the structure and easily scrape it, yet I want it so that it doesn't rename any files, only directories. Is that possible? If not, I have the following proposal to make: Please add a tag for the original filenames and directory names which matches their current names (like ${currentname}) so that one can play around and have this functionality, if desired. Thanks a lot!
I am not able to sort tv episodes by ratting or other column. We are able to do so for movies.
sorting in trees will not be supported!
we still need some translations for v3:
please help us to translate v3 at weblate - https://hosted.weblate.org/engage/tinymediamanager/
why does the program take so long to open the gui from the time the app is launched? it's a good 30-45 seconds. it sits on starting services

macOS 10.14.3
Please provide logs.. My glass ball is broken
(2019-03-02, 18:53)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]Please provide logs.. My glass ball is broken
awemabubor.kodi (paste)
i removed the kodi connection details and now start time is back to normal
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