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Full Version: Pre-Release 3.0 RC4
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Thank you very much for the quick fixes and additions.

Regarding my main cast / guest actors question:
(2019-03-18, 17:24)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]2) there has been some discussions about this structure and I do not know what the outcome was Big Grin but obviously we stick to the way Kodi does
It is quite common that not every main cast member plays in every episode of a TV series. I was hoping for a way to include the exact actor list per episode in every episode NFO. The new method you follow in tMMv3 would help that, but I checked TVDB and, unfortunately, they only provide data about main cast per show, and guest actors per episode. I also learned that they label actors as main or guest according to how TV networks announce the series cast, so someone who only appeared in two episodes out of 100 can end up in the main cast and be listed under every episode by Kodi! I should check the other databases / scrapers and see whether they provide such granular "actors by episode" information.
has already been changed today;
tomorrow we'll write again only guest stars into the NFO (like we do it in V2)
Hello. What does this mean in the changelog?

* do not use MediaInfo dates for dateAdded
was an error by me;
Did treat the file internal "release date" as dateAdded, but that did not work out.
Has been removed... and everything is like TMMv2 again...
OK thanks. I thought it would now use the date of adding to the database.
For me, date added is the date I added the media file to TMM, not the creation date of the media file.
I would wish that.  Smile

Edit: Should I make a feature request for this?
Well, we cannot satisfy everybody :|
And we also do not want to make such things configureable, else TMM would look like all the other MMs, which strike you to death with their settings dialogs :p
But there's always room for discussions, how to solve such issues Smile

dateAdded is currently the file modification date, since this is the date it "was added to your storage".
And it doesn't change on copying around.
If you remove every movie and reupdate... you would have ALL movies with current date? This is also not what you want...
I love TMM, and have had relatively few problems, but for the last few days I've had nothing but crashes.

I have no problem updating my source for movies, ~2700.
My problem is with TV shows.  Recently i have a 99% chance of TMM hanging up on me when I update my source.  I have ~35,000 episodes.
My max ram is set to 2560MiB.
I have the same problem on 2 different computers, using fresh copies of 3.0 RC3.
Even when it does finish, it takes a few hours. 

I use a synology NAS to store my library.
I can't remember if I was having problems with just RC3 or if it was RC2 also.  I had no problems with RC1.

Can use any help you can provide.
can TMM act as a DLNA Server?
@o1dscratch can confirm this issue - this is a side effect of the stricter filter updates.. will have a look what I can optimize here. stay tuned
@spl147 don't know by heart, but we have a upnp feature inside which allows to play movies on another machine via tmm.. maybe this acts as a dlna server too? just try Big Grin
May have missed my earlier reply or just politely ignored Smile 

Anyways, noticed that when running renamer it will change trailer's filename. I do not know if that's how you intended it to work, since it was in trailer's tab I thought it's a separate operation from the renamer.
This would be fine too, no problems running the renamer from cmd everytime BUT, if I 'disable' (leaving blank) the renamer pattern for movies, this will also disable the renaming of the trailer, so how can I go about leaving movie filename AND renaming just the trailer to 'movie-trailer'.ext ?

You're right - completely overseen, sorry.
It seems, our trailer downloader was not respecting the settings, but the renamer did.
Should be fixed in next build.

And found another (coceptual) problem.
Ticking BOTH trailer variants will not work for download...
(but the renamer should "correct" that by duplicating the trailer)
Upon opening tMM today, there is an issue that has not been there before, at any time. Please see image:

Check your code pages if you are running Linux..
tmm runs in utf8
(2019-04-13, 10:47)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]Check your code pages if you are running Linux..
tmm runs in utf8

Yes, UTF8 is what is used. This just appeared on the last run. All times prior on same system, no issue. For linux, code pages = locale:

[email protected]:~$ locale
[email protected]:~$
could you post the first lines from the tmm startup log? (maybe from the trace log which gets generated if you choose send bug report inside tmm)
maybe something does not work on setting up the default locale on your system?

running linux too and have no probs
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