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Full Version: VNSI +Add "recordings" to Videosource - SCAN IMDB - - but open a Video dont work
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Hello All

First of all - to the System:

Client: Openelec with Kodi 18 RC4 or Windows Client with RC5,4
Server: VDR 2.4.0 with vnsi Plugin from GIT

The Problem:

When i go to "TV" - "Recordings"  - then i see all my VDR Recordings - and i can playback them  - everything works fine

I also added "Recordings" to the Movie Source and Activate "SCAN from IMDB" so movies get sorted (Drama War etc..) and Pictures from the movies (Recordings from the VNSI Addon - no SMB/NFS Connect to the Storage SErver)

The IMDB Scan runs - and everything seem to be fine - then i have a lot of Movies and for  example when i chose a movie from "last added" on the top everything is fine - the movie will start playback.

But if i go to "grene" or Title"  Button to search for "war" or "drama" - all "war" movies will be displayed - but when i start playback one of them nothing happen.

I upload a Logfile fom Kodi to:  https://paste.kodi.tv/sikuviroqi

I hope anyone can see whats going wrong here ...

Best Regards

your vnsi plugin  is not responding:

PVR::CPVRClient::GetRecordings: Add-on ':' returned an error: unknown error.

Please check your vdr server, especialy the recording directories and reread the recordings.

best regards
I did an update from kodi 18 RC2 to kodi 18 yesterday and get the some results!
Youre right, in the movie section -> genre or title playback is not working any more.
I've got the same issue, I can start scraped recordings from within the tv section -> recordings but not from movie section.
Altough the URL in the LOG file is identical.

A friend of mine also got the same issue since leah.

Kind regards.