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Full Version: Irc?
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Quote:Channel view for “#xbmc” opened.
User mode for jeffxxx is now +i
[INFO] You are banned from this channel.

I'm badly stumped by a problem (Linux XBMC) and thought I might get some quick help via IRC. No matter userid I choose, I''m banned from the channel. Never been there before, can't be banned Smile What's up with this?
Probably the host you use - do you use a proxy by any chance?
jmarshall Wrote:Probably the host you use - do you use a proxy by any chance?

Nope. I'm connecting to irc.freenode.net via a bog-standard embarq dsl connection. I've tried both the KDE client konversation and the firefox plugin chatzilla.
I am having the exact same problem as JeffElkins
sorry to double post;
I am also using embarq dsl
I am going through a wireless router, but that shouldn't make a difference.

I have tried the xchat-gnome and the firefox plugin.
Quick fix would be to /j #help and get a cloak.