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Full Version: HDHomerun SiliconDust and their pay services?
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My RPi is a single core CPU. I have both the video and audio codec licenses.
Interesting.  I'm curious how well it would work on the various streams.  If it would help, I can capture a few minutes of live TV, both in raw MPEG2 format, and transcoded with the Extend.
I apologize. I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand the above.
No need for apologies.  What I mean is, I can capture a few minutes of some local (to me) live TV into files that you can download and try playing on your Pi.  If it would help you, that is.  I imagine I can share them on Google drive.
Oh! Dear Me. This post is my way of my learning which (if any) HDHomeRun device to buy. FWIW, I had movies recorded in a variety of formats, MP4, M4V, maybe some other and my Pi/LibreELEC/Kodi stack plays them without problem. These movies were recorded using a SonicWorks HomeWorx PVR and then the harddrive they were recorded on was moved over to the Kodi stack.
I recorded 60 seconds of a local 1080i feed with no transcoding, plus heavy and mobile, and saved into files, which you should be able to access here:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y5eSOw...keEpizNzcc

There were recorded with wget, e.g. for mobile: wget -O mobile.ts
All 3 played without flaw. No burping, sound sound. Perfect. But I don't understand what I've done. This means I want the Extend or I do want the Connect?
This shows that you can use the Connect.  The Connect is not capable of transcoding, and would give you a stream like none.ts.  You need to Extend to get streams like heavy.ts or mobile.ts (these are the names of the two highest-resolution transcode profiles of the Extend).
Thank you.

I would close this post if there were a way to do that.
I wouldn't worry about it.  It will eventually roll down the thread list.  In the meanwhile, I'll leave these video clips available for now, in case they might help someone else.
Allow me Smile (Although we don't close threads, we just mark them).

Thread marked solved.
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