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Full Version: Configure save location (and maybe save-file prefix)?
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Is there a way to configure the location where save-files from (libretro) emulators are stored? I'd like to put them in my NFS directory so I can play both from my Kodi HTPC and from my desktop (which uses RetroArch rather than Kodi). Note that I only mean the kind of save that the game itself lets you do, not emulator-enabled save states.

Also, from what I've seen, the standard file extension for SNES save files is .srm, rather than .sav. Is it possible to have the Kodi players use those extensions instead to enable this kind of multi-machine gaming?

Thanks to everyone for their hard work on the Games feature, by the way. I just got the RC of Leia installed and set up today, and I'm loving being able to both get to my games and watch movies from the same interface!
(2019-01-20, 22:22)jschuster Wrote: [ -> ]the standard file extension for SNES save files is .srm, rather than .sav.
Oops, that should be "rather than .smc.sav".
Maybe you will find this thread interesting: Unified games system, savestates and savefiles directories. Please feel free to make any contribution there.
Thank you, I will.