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Full Version: Special characters are not printed in an album title
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I've got a problem with special characters like the cross character from the first Justice album. The character is not displayed in the album list, although I tagged the files with MusicBrainz Picard. There's no problem with Cyrillic characters, for example.
How so?
Moved to Music.

Can you provide the link for the album to the MusicBrains Picard site.

Also a screenshot of the album list showing the problem, wouldn't hurt either.
And now I try to make a screenshot ...
And now the screenshot:
the font file used by estuary doesn't contain many symbols.

if you switch to the arial based font (settings interface > skin > fonts) there's a reasonable chance the album title will show correctly,
as this font contains many more characters than the default estuary font.
Thank you!
That's the explanation. I'll try it as soon as possible.
A quick inspection shows the release title is U+271D (LATIN CROSS) and Kodi Arial font does indeed have coverage of that codepoint.

scott s.
I'm a bit disappointed. Though the arial-based font works (as you can see above), it isn't as graceful as the default. I've tried other skins from the repository, Aeon Nox (very nice, I love space themes!), Metropolis, Bello 6 and some others, but no luck with crosses and blackstars.
Are there any skins known to have fonts which provide such special characters?
Those that use Arial.  Wink
It's true, Arial is very versatile, a real workhorse, but it lacks elegance.

It is possible to compile your own font and add the special characters for a specific language. That would imply building your own Kodi at this point, though. Maybe this is something the devs could look into for Kodi v19.
I don't think I'll compile my own font. Most likely I will use Aeon Nox as it is and rename the titles or leave them broken. Only a few artists name their albums like this. In fact I've got only two albums: ✝ and ★. Wink

Thanks to you all!
Aeon MQ5 Leia Mod does provide coverage for this in its default fonts, with option for "large" and "massive" for better readability if desired.  (see sig if interested)

scott s.
Thanks, I'll try it soon!
(first I have to deal with more urgent problem ...)