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Full Version: Is anybody on here running TVHeadend from Openmediavault?
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If anyone on here is using TVH on OMV, I would be really grateful for some general advice on setting up permissions - I am still struggling to understand how they work.
I am using a TVHeadend docker container under openmediavault 4.

Did you try docker?

Tell us more about your setup and your permission problems.

Regards Hoppel
I used to run it that way (before I switched myself to using Docker under HypriotOS) and it didn't give any major problems.

When I set it up I had to use a TVH version compiled to include the drivers to access my backend device (a HDHomeRun Connect in this case) as the general one didn't seem to include them and couldn't access it, but aside from that it didn't give any issues.

As noted above if you can provide more details of your set-up and issue we can try to assist.
Excellent - thanks guys.

How interesting - you are both using Docker (something I have never used, though I have heard it being mentioned before).

What, exactly, is Docker and should I also be running TVHeadend this way?
Maybe this will be helpfull:
Docker is a containerised method of deploying applications. It's a little like a virtual machine or sandbox, but rather than deploying a whole OS environment to run the app in, it just includes what dependencies are needed for it, and makes use of the resources of the main OS into which docker is installed for everything else. See here for more details, or just wander around docker.com for more there too.

I have a TVH server container in my Docker set-up (running under HypriotOS on a Pi3) and it works well. You can also install Docker support under LibreElec if that's an option for you, or on most PC OS's and also into OMV as noted by the others above (also click here for more on that).
Thanks for that - I think I am starting to see the benefits now.

Openmediavault has lots of plugins that can easily be installed/activated from the GUI - as they form part of the OS, no updates will stop them working.

As TVHeadend is not available as a plugin, I have to install it myself - am I correct in thinking that an update could, potentially, upgrade something in the OS that stops TVHeadend working correctly?

Is one of the main benefits of Docker, the ability to avoid this by isolating the program with dependencies that are guaranteed to keep it working?
(2019-01-24, 14:19)elsmandino Wrote: [ -> ]Is one of the main benefits of Docker, the ability to avoid this by isolating the program with dependencies that are guaranteed to keep it working?

Yes, that’s it! There are also a lot of other benefits by using docker.
You can get a TVH container from the docker hub (hub.docker.com).
Thanks very much for this - it really does seem that I should be using Docker for both TVHeadend and Emby (which I am also looking at using).

I shall have a go with reinstalling them, via Docker, and see whether this affects the permissions that I was having before.

Shall revert shortly.

If you have a Emby Lifetime License, you can use the backup function, to restore your config and data in the docker container.

I use the Emby docker container since one year. But this is offtopic. Wink

Regards Hoppel
I don't use Docker - but installed OMV on an ODroid HC-1 by installing OMV over a stock Debian install that already had TV Headend installed.  No major issues.  I'm using an HD Homerun networked DVB-T2 dual tuner so don't have to worry about Linux kernel support on the HC-1 for USB DVB tuners though.

It's been remarkably robust and straightforward. It's in the 'it just works' category.  Think I've rebooted once in the last 6 months or so.

(I keep meaning to investigate Docker though, as I could run my TV Headend + HD Home Run on my unRAID server...)